Rockin' Rio Hood

I was instantly smitten with the rustic-yet-elegant, shotgun-style home of architect Luciano Cavalcanti that was featured in the latest issue of Rue. The exposed beams and brick combined with the whitewashed walls is not a typical style you see in Brazil - at least not that I have seen.

On further reading, I learned the home is located in the Lapa neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro. A charming and Bohemian area teaming with the color and life one pictures when they imagine the tropical city.
...also where they filmed some of the honeymoon scenes for the upcoming Breaking Dawn (November, peeps. You haven't forgotten, have you???)
Back to the house.....

It wouldn't be all that difficult to pull together this look:
Lapa-like room

....assuming you already have some (essential) brick and beam action going on!

*images via Rue Mag and Google