The Making of a Gallery Wall

I posted last week about our family room more or less being the bane of my existence... My sofa overhaul is now on hold (pending a potential move and new sofa - Shhhhh! ;) But the large wall with big-but-not-big-enough painting had to be tackled immediately.


I had in mind an eclectic gallery wall - something along the lines of this...


Apparently, there are two theories to hanging gallery walls, and they correlate to Kevin Costner's thesis on the Golf Swing in the movie Tin Cup....

There's the plan it out, space correctly, nearly poetic placement method....

...And there's the "grip it and rip it"- basically throw it up on the wall, and hope it works method


Because I have no patience, and Ben is my architect - we went with the grip it 'n rip it model. (A bit of shuffling frames around on the floor was as scientific as it got)

I considered using mixed media (baskets and whatnot), but Ben x-nayed that, for fear of looking too cottage-y. He was right.


We "shopped" art we had around the house, not purchasing anything new. A few spaces are bare now, but I think it was a good trade-off.


Little by little...progress....