*Updated* Friendship Bracelets - All Grown Up

I don't remember my friendship bracelets from the 80s being as rad as these glammed-up versions from Frieda & Nellie. I love that the ethnic vibe of the traditional woven bracelet gets a kick in the pants with the rhinestones. Given my choice, I'd layer them up with a menswear-style watch, a classic oxford and strong denim. Shazaaam!

Big Girl Friendship Bracelets_edited-2

They're sold via Charm & Chain - a website that carries unique, but relatively affordable jewelry.

*Update: A very cool reader (thanks, Anon) led me to this Etsy store - looka looka!

...and for A LOT less dolla dollas! (Most are sold, so convo the vendor to say, "I love these, please make more!")

Anyone like to start exchanging again?