Living Vicariously: The New Furbish Store

It's pretty amazing when the opening of someone else's boutique gives you heart palpitations.  But that's exactly what I'm experiencing after seeing Honey + Fitz's pics from the new Furbish store in Raleigh, NC - the brainchild of decorative artist extraordinaire, Jamie Meares.

I'm more than delighted to live vicariously for a few moments as I virtually go through the store and pick out what I'd take home.  Although, it'd probably be easier to select items I wouldn't want to buy.

The entrance:  the yum factor is just getting started.
Furbish entrance 2

A bubblegum sofa. "Oh, I couldn't."  Um, oh, YES I could!
Furbish pink couch

One of my favorite vignettes:  layering art upon large, graphically-enhanced walls.  Brilliant.
Furbish swirl wall

Evidence that I need a bit more animal in my life:  leopard bowls...
Furbish bowls

...and cheetah rugs
Furbish back office

Headboard: to die for.  Ms. Meare's ability to layer and mix patterns: OFF the charts.
Furbish headboard 1

I'm working with someone who's guest bath is screaming for one of these custom, ikat shower curtains.
Furbish shower curtain 2

If you're into subdued/neutral and subtle.  I dare say Furbish is not your place, but everyone's space needs a jolt of some sort.
Furbish vignette 2

I'm due a mommy getaway trip, and I'm seriously considering a mecca-like pilgrimage from Brazil to Raleigh.   Anyone wanna meet me there?

*All pics courtesy of Dina of Honey + Fitz *used with permission*