Plate-Driven Color Palette

Shameless plug of my food blog, here, but there's no question that there's interplay between food and interiors. There's great opportunity for a delish dish to influence style and/or a color palette, so let my food references drive you to eat, decorate!
Plate-Driven Palette copy

Taking a cue from this dish of Tandoori Pork I made, we can see the colors of Curry, Saffron and Cinnabar. Don't those conjur up so much more warmth and interest than Gold, Burnt Orange and Deep Red? JCrew was so ahead of their time, way back in the day, when they were the first to merchandise their clothing colors after luscious fruits and ripe veggies!

Once you're tuned in, food colors pop up everywhere in design:

A smattering of spicy barstools

A little mustard for your walls

A curry coverlet. Double the cozy.

Pattern and Paprika. I won't complain.

Just a splash of Saffron makes it just right

Tufted curry, courtesy of Nate - but like him, keep it all in check with some cool tones.

Source: via Alison on Pinterest

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