Bent on Burl Wood

Did you know burl wood is an abnormal growth found on a tree that has typically experienced some sort of stress - like insect or fungal infestation?  Rather nice material for being an unwanted arboreal house guest, wouldn't you say?
I've been eyeing this particular desk/vanity/console made of burl wood and lucite for some time.

I've also been wondering how it, or a clever knock-off, could make an appearance in my casa.  In a DIY mind-set, I came across these options:

Contact Paper via Ebay (could work, or could be very, very B.A.D.)

Veneer sheets via Ebay - Gets the award for best looking, but also requires more of an investment...oh, and serious application skilz.

...and faux wood wallpaper via here. Possibly the happy medium.

I'm sounding crazy, but the call of the Burl is getting stronger!