I try to keep this blog real, and in that vein, I feel I should share with you....

This week, we lost our Baby Girl.  I was 27+ weeks.
Saturday, she was moving like a little acrobat - normal for her.  Sunday, we spent the day busy doing projects around the house, so it wasn't until I was relaxing that evening that I realized I hadn't felt her move all day.  We did the usual things they tell you to do: pushed around on my belly, ate some chocolate, but we couldn't get her to move.  Monday, my midwife couldn't find a heartbeat, and an ultrasound confirmed our worst fear:  she was gone.

We had enjoyed such a normal, healthy pregnancy - no different than my previous two.  There was nothing to indicate a problem.  Even the last ultrasound showed a normal brain, spine, heart, placenta - everything looks perfect.  We are devastated and dumbfounded.  We may never know what happened.  
Right now, we are holding our other two precious girls even tighter, and doing our best to put our hearts in God's hands, trying to understand that our angel's mission was not of this world.

Right now, all I can think about is being with my family, and I ask you to please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.