My DIY Agate Lamps

I'm dipping my toe back into the blogging waters with this little project I've been wanting to share for some time.  I'm sure I'm not alone in obsessing over the gorgeous lamps we've all seen made of semi-precious stone, agates and geodes.  Bad News:  those things are crazy expensive.  Good News:  The area of Brazil where we live is geode mecca - where dozens of quarries and mines are found.

 I found some lamp-making kits through this seller on Ebay, knowing that with some awesome rocks, I could make my own glamazon lamps.  On our last day trip to a little mining town, I snagged two, large (about 5 lbs each) amethysts for a really reasonable price.  
I gilded the base of the rock with paint, and painted the lamp base red per Ben's suggestion.  I had planned to go boring-black on the base, but am so glad I went with my hubster's opinion, as I love how the purple-red-gold color combo amps up the glam factor.  Dontcha hate it when spouse's are right? ;)
As you can see, the rock sits in front of the lamp pole, which isn't quite the perfect-professional look I'd like to have, but it makes for a very simple project, and overall, gives the look I was going for.  The lampshade still needs a little zhushing, too.

Yes, my bedside table needs some serious styling help, but you get the idea.  A+ for effort, right?