Floating Art Project

I've been itching to frame out a piece of art with a simple, acrylic frame.  It's such a clean aesthetic that can really showcase artwork in a modern way.  Jenny posted not too long ago about finding acrylic frames for smaller works, but I was thinking something on a larger scale...
We gifted my sister and BIL an original painting from Brazil, and while we were visiting them, it gave me the perfect chance to test the acrylic-framing waters.
I took the artwork to a local glass and mirror shop, and asked if they could cut two pieces of acrylic to "sandwich" the artwork between.  *Note*  I anticipated "Whatchoo talkin' 'bout, Willis?" looks, so I took the above inspiration photo for explanation purposes. ;)
I had them cut 1/4" (rather than 1/8") pieces for a more substantial look, and drill holes at each corner.  Since I wanted a floating look, I had them size the sheets to allow about a two-inch border around the painting.
To hang the painting, I had to enlist Ben's help (of course!).  He had to enlarge the drill holes a bit to allow for the brass screws we selected to hang the art. 

If you try this, be slooooow and careful, so you don't crack the acrylic!

Next, we cleaned the acrylic of all fingerprints.  He had a little "help."  Note to self:  next time, use latex gloves!

We used double-sided tape on the back of the painting to make sure it wouldn't slip during the hanging process.

We secured it all with brass screws through the drilled holes - straight into the wall (using drywall anchors).  ......aaaaand DONE!

I'm lovin' it!