Nursery Design Comes Alive

Over the last nine months, I've been working with some favorite long-distance clients to design the nursery for their first baby, Oliver, who is due any minute.  E-design leaves a lot of interpretive "wiggle room," and often, designers don't have a chance to see the space as envisioned.  Being able to see a design come to life is incredibly rewarding, so I couldn't be more excited with how beautifully they realized my ideas for the Little Guy's special space. 
The finishing touches have been made, and now, all it needs is a special little occupant!

We were going for a clean, subtle masculinity.

We commissioned the abstract art from blogstress extraordinaire and up-and-coming-artist, Jenny from MFAMB.


I couldn't resist sending them the tiny moccasins, handmade in Brazil.
The original design board.
oliver's design board

I am currently accepting clients for e-design.  Please contact me, Alison at atexski@yahoo(dot)com for rates and information.