He Said, She Said does Pinterest

Ben is forever catching me "pinning," and honestly, he just doesn't get it.  So, I tried to illustrate to him the lure and addiction that is Pinterest.  I think it's safe to say I didn't succeed in convincing him that all my "looking at a bunch of pictures" is a purposeful use of one's spare time, but as always, he offered some interesting commentary....

Me:  Can you believe this is a child's room?  I think it probably cost about a bajillion to do it.
Ben:  Yeah, I'd love for it to be MY room.  But I'd shit-can the Ghost chair.

Me:  I died when I saw this couch.  It's on Craigslist, so it's cheap.
Ben:  Oh, if it's on Craigslist, you simply must have it.  It goes great with the grass.
Me:  You're such a buzz kill.

Me:  What about a pink, English roll-arm?
Ben:  You want a bubble gum couch?  It just doesn't look comfortable to sit in.  I think if you sat all the way back, your feet would stick straight out.

Me: This bedroom inspires me for Rio, because we'll probably have a small room.  I lurv the walls.
Ben:  Get rid of the lavender/purple pillows, and the chicken-wire windows.  Feels too English-y to me.
Me:  What?  It's totally Boho.  The windows almost Moroccan.

Me:  I just pulled this up.  It feels like a chic hash-hish den.
Ben:  Yeah, I like it.  Like the furniture.  Like the floors. The rugs, too. My parents had some friends who were very chic, artsy partakers of the "fine herb."  This room totally reminds me of them. Is that a late-night Taco Bell bag peeking out from under the couch?
Me:  No.  If they're chic, their munchies are much more refined.

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