I Bit the Bullet

Go ahead, call me a follower, but I wasn't about to let the chance to snag a Stark Fauna aka "antelope" rug pass me by this week, when they were featured on OKL
We've all seen 'em, some of us love 'em, and some of us have husbands who travel all the time, leaving us sad and idle, and wanting to fulfill our souls with something.  And rugs can do that.  Sometimes.

All boo-hooing aside, I bought a runner.  They're ALL good, but I think this pattern in a runner is particularly effective.  So does Sally Wheat.  See? (and she's a boss)

...examples of more goodness
(this one's actually Karastan, but whatev's, you get the idea)  image source
Oh, if I ever have a little boy's nursery of my own....

So, in summary:  Antelope Rugs: Good.  
Dressing like an antelope:  Questionable
Happy Weekend, Folks!