I like big books and I cannot lie

Are ya'll ready for it?  The Hunger Games world premier, duh!  I'm hosting a "pre-game" party at my house, so I have all things Girl on Fire on the brain to gear up. 
Doesn't the cool factor of Katniss sort of make our obsession with Edward, Jacob and (I guess) Bella seem really lame?
I won't be in line for the midnight showing - me and my amigas are blue-haired like that - but I'm super-stoked just the same!
Hunger Games

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In other book news, I started this one the other night.  It's about a Manhattanite woman who falls in love with farming, all things fresh food, as well as an "all man" farmer who's happens to be a brilliant cook.
Just a few pages in, and I'm ready to hang it up, buy some fertile land, and learn what life's really all about.