Well, tan my leather!

How is it it's already mid-week????
I've been planning this post since Monday, but somehow life, Motherhood, and wrecked computers (all three of 'em) got in the way.  Oh well....here goes

When it comes to leather goods, I've always been a saddle color kind of gal.  Something about the natural tanning, combined with perfect hardware appeals to my luxe-but-not-too-much sensibilities.

Now, I'm dying to put together some kind of tan leather/hardware combo in my casa.  Not in a wagonwheel kind of way, either. 
See those stools?
Maybe some MCM goodness?
This one's Ebay - it got away.

Maybe just a couple of these floating around an a lot-of-white room?

Like this...

If this weren't black, it could play nice

Woah, now, horse.  What's this?  Perfection is what they are.  Hold on, lemme check.....

Damn. My taste is rich. *source

What are you obsessing over, lately? 

all images via my pinterest unless otherwise noted