Catching up in Crazytown

Wait. Has it already been a week since I last posted?
No wonder my stats and stuff are in the It can.
Sorry, but I suspect there will be more of that in the weeks ahead. 
And, I'm just not collected enough these days to build in guest posts, etc.
Speaking of collected....Have any of you looked this effortless coming off a 10+ hour flight?
Yeah.  Me neither. Just checking.
I think it takes a lot of effort to look effortless, though.

OK, where was I?  Catching up.  Let's see...  I'll try to give the Cliff's Notes version:

The movers show up a week from today to box us up for Rio. I'm kinda spazzing about it. 

We sold quite a lot of stuff in a garage sale last weekend.  To pare down, or buy more stuff, THAT is the question.

This here blog will be getting herself a whole new gig in a few weeks.  All bizzy and professional-like.  I'll share more when she's all polished up, and ready for her close-up.  I hope when the time comes, you'll make that move with me (*wink-wink*)

OH!  The CLEANSE!!  I never had a chance to tell ya'll how it went!
In (well, not a) but a few words:  It was. A. Game. Changer.
I came to it needing/wanting to lean up, and shed the last bloody five pounds from my last pregnancy.  I had been trimming excess and refined carbs, and working out consistently for a few months, but not seeing any positive movement on the scale, or in the fit of my clothes.
Demoralizing is what that is.
I kept reading Facebook updates from a friend of mine about how much success she was having losing weight with this cleanse, but more importantly, how much ENERGY she had while doing it.

I am a trained Registered Dietitian, and by default, discount anything that sounds too good to be true in terms of weight loss.  I was doubtful about this program, but after reading about it, the ingredient lists of the products (all natural), I decided to give the 9-day cleanse a go. 
In nine days, I lost five inches, and almost 5 lbs - exactly what I wanted to do.  But get this:  My energy was throughthefreakin'roof.  I haven't felt that good - well, possibly ever.  My mental clarity and ability to focus was Rain Man-like.  My ability to handle stress (i.e. travelling husband, single parenthood) was boosted. I no longer craved sugar.  These are not things that happen with simple water loss or chemical stimulants.  
 *This is where I'd insert my Before and After pics* (yes, I took them) But can't stomach that kind of exposure. (If you want to see my proof email me.  And I'll make you sign a confidentiality clause.)

I'm two-weeks post-cleanse, now.  One pound has come back, but I understand that's typical.  Otherwise, I've maintained the losses.
I could go on and on, but don't want to turn into an infomercial. If you want more info on the cleanse - go here and/or email me. atexski@yahoo(dot)com.

Think that's it....
I'll try to show my face 'round here before next week.
But, don't hold your breath ;)