Need your input

They say "Shrinks need Shrinks."  I think it's probably true to say "Decorators need Decorators," too.  At least that's true of me.  It seems so much easier to make decorating decisions for other people than for myself.  So, I need your take on my dining room issue....
I've mentioned I plan to purchase an oval tulip table for our small dining room in Rio.  The classic but contemporary lines are exactly what our place needs to balance our otherwise Trad-ish mix of furniture.
 The thing is, I cannot decide what kind of chair to pair it with.
I don't want to match tulip chairs with the table, but don't know just how much to mix it up, either.
We need the smaller table to accommodate our space, so we might be looking at two host chairs, and only two side chairs.  I have a pair of these sort of Asian-lined chairs.  I know they aren't armchairs, but I was thinking of recovering them, and using them as host chairs.  Maybe an easy-to-clean, roughed up leather a la Isaac Mizrahi's bergeres.
 Something like that might pair nicely with bentwoods, right?
 Or, is that too matchy-matchy?  Should I go totally fun and colorful with something like these...

Need your input, puh-leeze!