One Room Challenge - Week One

A few weeks ago, I agreed to participate in on a multi-blog design fest.  The One Room Challenge consists of 15 illustrious designers and bloggers (see list and links below) taking one room in their house, and transforming it in a mere six weeks. Each week, we blogstresses will post on the progress of our room, wrapping it all up with a Finale at week six.
I knew the "ORC" would commence shortly after our move to Rio, so I figured it would be a good way to kick myself into getting at least one room in our new apartment more or less photo-ready. What the freak was I thinking?

Anyway, here we are...Week One of the One Room Challenge.  If you are new here, and linking over from the other bloggers, Welcome to Rio de Janeiro!

Truth be told, I could've chosen any room in our apartment, as they're all in a state of confusion as to form and function, but I'm choosing my our office. 
I've pretty much told my husband I'm commandeering this room, as I have this notion of a feminine-but-tailored, womb-like space where my creative juice cup will runneth over. Where I will flex my decorator muscles, becoming the love child of Windsor Smith and Tom Scheerer.
I want it to feel a little like this:
room by cheryl tague
 With a dose of this
I was already tossing around thoughts prior to our move, so I recovered a chaise lounge....
So, here's the Before in all its glory.
Along with commentary of my plans.
Try not to judge. 

 Six weeks to ship this into shape.  The order will be as much a surprise to me as you, soooo...
Wish me luck.  
Come back often.  Or at least next Wednesday.
And do check out the other lovely ladies of the Challenge.
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