Hide Hangover

Do you feel about hides the way you will tomorrow after one too many spiked lemonades?  I admit to falling victim to the occasional trend, quickly tiring of seeing it er'where, but I'm still loving on my natural, fawn-colored hide.  Wish my new, really bad laminate floors weren't so close in color, but I digress.
This weekend at the local artisan fair, I spied the Brazilian's take on the metallic-flecked designs.  Diggin' on those pillows.
  via my Instagram: atexski (follow me on my Brazilian adventures)
I believe hides are still relevant to our design discussion, but I'm also excited to see them move in variations on the theme.  I've blogged about him before, but I'll again tout the creative and luxurious styles Kyle Bunting offers. Laser cutting and irreverent patterns mean lots of lots of room to play.
I recently received a heads-up that he's added pillows to the repertoire of hide products.  Blazing colors or high-texture neutrals (think beach house or mountain getaway) are lovely enough, but get a LOAD of the patterns!  Monograms and super on-trend skull silhouettes.  I'm luvin' it.