Join me after the Jump

Many of you who read this little blog are bloggers yourselves, so I imagine you'll probably get where I'm coming from when I say:
I. just. gotta. turn. it. off.
I've been blogging nearly four years.  When I started, it was just my little journal to express excitement about whatever, but mostly design stuff.  I didn't care about stats or comments, I just had fun with it. 

These days, the need to post regularly, then Tweet, FB, Pin and Instagram about it all has made me question my existence as a blogger.
Maybe that's a tad melodramatic, but what I'm getting at is:  When did it become a job to be a blogger?  I just want to be fun, inspiring, engaging.  To connect with others who want the same.

I'm in the middle of a career reinvention, if you will.  The blog is being redesigned to coincide with my budding business.  So, it seems like a good time to start delineating the "old blogger me" from the "new designer me" by taking a little summer hiatus. 

I'm not exactly sure how I will resurface - a rebranded blog, a website, or both, but I'll keep you all in the loop when it happens, and hope you'll join me again when I'm so fresh and so clean, clean!


P.S. - This concludes my participation in the One Room Challenge.  I feel like a total flake, but really - we just moved to Rio - what was I thinking?  Don't worry, though, when it's done, you'll have front-row seats!