So, what do you think?
It's the new me: nipped, tucked, and lipo'd.  My so fresh and so clean-clean "professional" blog!  (I feel like JLo after she had twins)

Not to worry, I'm not gettin' all uppity or anything.  Still all about the things that put me in my little happy place, but now as Chief Extraordinaire of alison giese Interiors.
Ya still with me?!!
You gracious peeps have been such a source of support and inspiration, and I could not have realized this goal of hanging my shingle if I didn't think ya'll were out there, cheering me on.  So, Thank you.
So, what's next?  Look to see newsletter-like posts coming in on Wednesdays.  Yep, I'm following the GOOP style of blogging.
Truth is:  I've never been very good at every day blogging, and I'm ready to try something fresh.  Plus, I need more time to soak up Rio get more client work.

Since the posts will be coming in on a weekly basis, I can't imagine you'd want to miss them - so really, you should SUBSCRIBE to them, and they'll come straight to your inbox.
I would in fact love you for that.

If you're more of a social media junkie, just "LIKE" the alison giese Interiors page on FB, and the posts will automatically roll into your feed.
And/Or Follow my Instagram at alison giese ('spesh if you want more peeks at my Rio life)
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Might as well get all the self-promotion out of the way....

For now, I'll leave the old blog up, and may eventually transfer some of the more popular posts over.  But all the new action happens right here.
See ya back next week with before & afters of my desk/office situation that's been pending forEVAH