Lessons of a Newbie Decorator

I recently worked on an e-styling project for a busy family on a tight budget.  Like with most clients, the parameters were specific in that I had to work with some existing furniture (sofa, rug), but source other pieces that could hold their own in the style department, without busting the budget.  Nothing new there.
But, the client also stated she didn't "like high end or designer things."  Wohn-wahn.  Not exactly what a Fluffer Extraordinaire like me wants to hear.  I mean, don't you hire a decorator to get a look that stands above what the Big Box stores or websites can offer?  Not that it need be high end OR designer, but one, especially cool item can often carry a room - elevate it.  And, let's face it, such things are often hard to come by in the mass-produced market.  I was kinda baffled, and worried I wouldn't be able to knock out something that was true to my creative spirit.
So, I sourced items from vendors the client seemed comfortable with, and did the best I could to add a touch of what I felt was true to my brand's aesthetic (whatever that all means - it sounds good).  And then, I submitted it - and mentally walked away.  Sometimes we don't get the chance for the grand slam of rooms, and this board won't win any Wearstler-like accolades, but it meets the client's needs, and I guess that's all that matters.