My (first ever) Holiday Gift Guide

Have you had enough of Gift Guides, already?  I know, they're ubiquitous, and often redundant.  I've never done them, for that reason, BUT I decided to buck my own tradition this year, and go for it!  Mainly, because I was having so much fun creating the board!
I pulled my recommendations from things I have and love, would love to have, or know you or your treasured peeps would likely appreciate.   There's a little something for everyone, so here goes:

1)  I'm (and I'm not alone) kinda obsessing over shagreen these days.  This iPhone case wouldn't slay the budget like some pieces.  Although this saddle leather version is yummy, too.  His 'n Hers?
2)  I'm a Kitchen Gadget Junkie (to the degree our overseas lifestyle allows), and this Nespresso Citiz with Frother is by far the best kitchen electronic I've ever owned. It. is. addictive.
3)  Custom, brass-frame chairs.  Here.  Well, we can dream, can't we?
4)  We brought back a couple of these beautiful olive wood cutting boards from Italy.  They're functional, yet pretty enough to use for serving cheese, hors d'oeuvres, etc.  If you're not heading abroad, grab one at your local World Market.
5)  I've been rocking the same pair of Wayfarers for 5+ years, and girls need a break!  I tried these Maui Jim's the last time we were in the States, and wish I would've bought them.  The shape is classic, but the frame is made of titanium, so they're ridiculously light, comfortable, and able to stand up to a two year-old's death grip.
6)  Speaking of little people, this customizable print from OliveandBirch pretty much sums up my sentiments. *Don't count on your wees to appreciate this for, like 30 years.
7)  I bought this necklace a month or so ago, and am so crazy for it.  Of course, I can't ever get enough Turq-WAZ in my life.  It looks so rich, belying its $58 price point.
8)  Know someone who could use a little smooth, Brazilian sound in their life (who doesn't?)  Try Vanessa da Mata's, SIM. *Sounds best with a caiprioska in hand.
9)  Sometimes old school is just better.  This retro radio has style out the wazoo.  Gender neutral makes everyone a winner.
10)  When we leave Rio some time next year, I hope I can take a smidgen of the Cariocan style with me.  If not, this coffee table book displaying some of the most amazing homes in the city will hopefully give me a Brazilian style fix.

So, there ya have it - Happy Hunting!