Happenings: Bayhouse and Otherwise

I feel like the last week was one of those titled, "One step forward, two steps back." In all honesty, more progress has happened than I give credit for, and I've been quite the busy chica making it happen. So, you be the judge...
On Project Bayhouse:

This honey-oak cabinet got a nice little richening, courtesy of my elbows, and some very easy-to-use gel stain.  I followed this lady's tutorial on how to stain pre-varnished wood without having to strip it down (thank you, Pinterest gods).  Genius lady, genius products.  No need for me to reinvent the wheel, but if you have a similar project in mind, go HERE, and follow it.  You'll be amazed.

P.S. - Watching Fashion Police recaps makes staining go faster.

Remember I mentioned I kept one of the bedroom set pieces that came with the Bayhouse?  Well, faux shabby finish went to black glossy madness.
Working on the hardware situation.

So, all that felt like major progress.
Then, I hit a wall with the rest of the bedroom design. I felt so good with where it was going - which is to say, no cliche beachiness.  But, something about the Persian runner feels wrong, and the overall scheme just uninspired. 
Obviously, I'm nowhere finished - art is coming, as are different lamps, but I need help with the rug situation.  Should I instead go with a wanna-be moroccan shag?
 Or, add in a third color with an overdyed - in a fun purple or pink?

 I think we can all admit the elephant in the room is the beige walls, which I was hoping would just recede visually with the introduction of many other brilliant design elements :/  Is a different wall color the missing link?

...and, happenings NOT related to Bayhouse...I found a vintage Drexel Heritage sofa in perfect condition for 50 bucks.  You know that tingly feeling you get when you know you snagged something special?  Yep.  Got it.  This will work itself into our home.  Some day.
...And last, but not by any means least - We're expecting!  Another Baby Girl will join our ranks this summer.  If you've followed me for some time, you may know I lost a baby at 27 weeks last year.  After the heartache of the loss, we weren't sure our hearts could handle the fear and uncertainty of another pregnancy, but the World has its way, and here we are.  Happy, scared, excited, and - blessed.