Project: Bayhouse

Last summer, my parents bought a home on the coast - we've (oh-so-originally) tagged it "the bayhouse."  It is lovely, spacious, and full of potential.  It also has a lot shall I say...builder-grade touches.  Picture mid-tone oak, "satin" nickel, and lots and lots of beige.  Needless to say, I've been dreaming of ways to up the ante on the place since I heard the words "we closed."  

In my mind, the perfect beach house would be a medley of  this

 and this
 probably some of this
OR this
 Tough call on that - location would factor.

But back to the Bayhouse....
The chance for decorating enlightenment might have made me foam at the mouth, because my parents graciously allowed my sister and I free reign to decorate our designated bedrooms as we please.

Wanna see what mine looked like the day they closed?

 I know.
This segment was brought to you by Rooms to Go.

The bed and nightstands were Craigs'd.  The lamps are being repurposed in the living area (working on that).  I saved the chest, but am in the process of giving it some TLC.  Stay tuned.

Considering this is a room I get to enjoy - oh, twice a year or so, I can't justify a big budget, but I have managed to give it some life. 
There's also some high-gloss revamping in the works, plus some big-change happenings in other parts of the house that'll happen over the next few weeks while I'm in town.  So, if you're in to B&A's and updates, check in.  I also have other shenanigans to share next time, so stick with me.