Moving and the Modern Barn

In an effort to divert our attention from the looming question of: "Where the hell will we be in five months," we've been searching homes online in the various parts of 'Merica where we maybe/could possibly/slim-chance-we're-gonna be posted.
Um, have you seen the area west of D.C.?  Virginia horse and wine country?
I think you might call it bucolic.  Think: places where Civil War battles were fought, rolling hills, and horse stables.  Many places with names that end in 'burg.
When it comes to interior spaces, I'm usually a devotee of the color club, but when I see a good, clean palette, my mind wanders into fresh territories.  There's also a part of me that feels that, after five years of this festival of color we've lived with in Brazil, maybe we should embrace entirely our change of station.

Can you imagine taking something like this (an actual listing)
And giving it props by making it more like this?

So fresh and so clean, clean.

I'm about as far off the barn wood wagon as a gal can be, but I could get on board with a modern farmhouse look...
 In. A. Heartbeat.


Again.  Dreaming.

Those dark window casings.  They get me. Every. Time.

In an odd way, we fear the sort of reverse culture shock that inevitably befalls people returning from overseas.  For some time, now, foreign has been our normal.  But, I think embracing your area helps smooth that transition, adding another facet to your story. 

Yeah....I think it's 'bout time for a change....
(images via my Pinterest)