Penny for my Preggo thoughts?

 It's hard to believe I'm at the six month mark in this pregnancy.  It seems to be flying by, but ask me again if it is in about another six weeks...
Obligatory (unflattering) belly shot.
Tracy Anderson's preggo series dvds have kept me (sorta) in shape.  A quick endorsement on my part:  I have found her Pregnancy Project dvds to be excellent.  Tracy being Tracy, they're challenging, but in a take-care-of-yourself-and-your-bump way.  In fact, if you've tried her other workouts, and found them to be lacking in direction, cues, and explanation of correct form - you might want to give these a try, as they're much better in those departments.  Even if you're not preggers.
 I've been thinking about having Maternity photos taken.  I never took them with my other kiddos - I either never made it a priority, or I was intimidated with some of the Honey Boo Boo-inspired images floating around.  If I could just fly my talented, photog friend down here, I'd be golden, but as a far second-best option, I'm searching photogs here in Rio, and trying to get an idea of the look I'll be going for.  
Pinterest saves the day.
Believe it or not, I haven't really had nursery design on the brain.  We're set to leave Brazil about 4-6 weeks after Baby G arrives, so she won't have a room here.  And, we don't yet know where we're going. That's fun stuff for my OCD brain.

If I were thinking about a nursery, though,  it might go a little somethin' like this:
Minty walls, glorious yellow silk curtains, glam-O crib, bone inlay chest for changing table (to be used elsewhere later), cozy, patterned cowhide rug, sleek glider, and some vintage Cuban posters to round it out.
Think Baby G'd be happy?