How do we feel about drab kitchens?

Considering we don't even own the house in Virginia just yet, I'm probably tempting fate thinking and talking about what I hope to do to make it our own.  I can't help it, though.  We'll just chalk it up to my current nesting mode, and ever-present OCD tendencies.

 The kitchen in "our" house isn't all that bad, but it kinda has the whole lipstick-on-a-pig thing going on.  The cabinets are probably original to the circa 70s house:  shallow, not overly functional, but with what is likely new paint.  Not an eyesore.  And, as my mother considers, totally livable.
  The appliances are pretty basic, but more importantly, lack the efficient flow that's ideal for any cook.  The micro-hood combo hangs ridiculously low over the cooktop (hello, hazard!), and the fridge has been placed in the butler's pantry, I guess to make room for double wall ovens. 

My Kitchen Board on Pinterest is full of dark, or at least a mix of dark and light looks.  And I've been thinking, although I still have a soft spot for them, if I were doing a kitchen from scratch, I'd probably get away from the all-white look.  Going instead for at least some dark cabinetry:  charcoal, glossy black, slate-y blue.

But, as I've stalked pics of our would-be kitchen, I've been taken up by the idea of going.....drab.
Like olive, deep khaki - with white walls, and touches of brass and black in hardware and accessories.  Cabinets with clean lines, too.  More modern-shaker - or even better,
A new take on Out of Africa.

Ben isn't exactly sold, but am I so wrong, here?

Still. So elegant sexaaaaay.

My take....probably falling a bit on the Wishful Thinking side...

Would you share drinks, watch me cook and give me good BS in a kitchen like this, or is it appetite-killing?

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