Movin' on Up DC that is.  In the words of Forest Gump, "Our Nation's Cap-it-OL."  Several weeks ago, we finally got word that our days in Brazil are numbered, and as my husband's agency likes to say, we're being brought back "into the fold."  We'll stay here in Rio to have the baby, but as soon as she and I are medically cleared to fly, we'll pack up and head Stateside.

I'm still not sure how I feel about it all.  Our initial assignment to Brazil was for a three year post.  We chose to extend the additional two years because, despite being so far from family and friends, Brazil has become our home.   It's crazy and confounding in its Developing Nation way, but also incredibly rich and warm and welcoming.  The reverse culture shock we will experience moving to the rat race of DC is not lost on me, and we will try to soak up as much of Rio as we can over the next few months.

So, week before last, I trekked my big bump self up to the DC area to scout a housing situation.  Are ya'll familiar with the DC area housing market right now?  It's NUTS.  It's one of the few areas that has really recovered from the housing crash, and is booming.  Low inventory and high demand are again creating this perfect storm in real estate that has people doing things like waiving inspection and finance contingencies, and bidding tens of thousands OVER asking price to get the house they want. 

The last time we were in the market for a home, it was also a boom, but people seemed more genteel.  Now, in that area at least, it's pretty cut-throat, and I felt a bit like Country Mouse.

So, our agent took me house-hunting.  I saw maybe a dozen to fifteen homes that fell within our criteria.  Only one of which I would even CONSIDER living in.  I'm having to adjust to the fact that not only would I never give most of the homes a second glance were they in Texas, where we're from, but we're also going to pay out the wazoo for a home that's....less than inspiring.


I have craved the chance to DO THINGS in my own home for nearly five years, and now I'll most definitely have the chance to do that.  Might have to sell my soul or body to do them, but, we'll cross that bridge later...
We've put a contract on a house in the Virginia 'burbs of DC, so fingers crossed this one will pan out, and I can start sharing my brainstorming.

Here's to looking through rose-colored glasses.