My Preggo Pics

I'm going to attempt three blog posts this week.  That's especially ambitious, considering I'll be single-parenting for most of it.  You just watch me.

I mentioned a few posts back that I was considering having maternity photos taken.  I've never had them done with previous pregnancies, and felt like if I ever wanted to document myself in this preggo state, it was now or never.

I knew I didn't want anything belly-baring or overly serious/pensive.  Having lost our last baby has made me more contemplative, scared and grateful during this pregnancy, but the joy and humor of being pregnant again has not been swept aside - and I wanted to capture that.

I found a really wonderful, kind and patient photographer here in Rio, who just had a baby herself.  I think she registered just what I was hoping for.  Having Ipanema Beach as a backdrop didn't hurt, either!
What d'ya think?

all photos by Daniela Justus