Foodster Friday: Brazilian Banana Grilled Cheese

I recently read Tender at the Bone by Ruth Reichl.  (Great book, btw).  One of the underlying themes of the book is how the people in her life influenced her as a cook.  I haven't had many food mentors in my life, but living in various locales over the last ten or so years has certainly influenced my cooking.  We'll definitely take a lot of our Brazilian food style with us when we leave this summer, and one of them is the banana-cheese combo.
Off-hand, I can think of four varieties of bananas here in Brazil.  We've actually become banana snobs because they are so. damn. good. here.  And each variety has been given a particular use - starchier/less ripe varieties for cooking/frying, sweeter ones for eating right out of the peel, cutting up over desserts, etc.
We were first introduced to the (at the time, strange) combo of bananas + cheese when we were served it as pizza.  I've seen dessert pizzas, but the whole cheese thing threw me.  Until we had it.  And never looked back.
The Brazilians also do a simple, grilled cheese and banana sandwich that is pretty killer.  Think perfect mid-day snack for kids (or me) that is filling, and not full of junk.

Try it some time.

Brazilian Banana Grilled Cheese Sandwich
- 1 medium banana (ripeness to taste)
- Two slices bread ( I used whole wheat)
- Two slices mozzarella (or another mild 'n melty) cheese
- Sprinkle of cinnamon (if you want)
- Butter for grilling

It's probably overkill to provide instructions, so we'll just do a visual, 'K?
 Mine was good, but the versions on good 'ol white bread are better.  Still.  I highly recommend.