Tulip Table Chair Upgrade

Normally, the last six weeks of a pregnancy sees a woman in full-on nesting mode, so it's hard to twist those instincts in me into thoughts of packing up and moving.   But, that's just where things stand.  It's probably also why my virtual nesting of the new house in Virginia is going overboard - I just need the release!
There are a few I can research in earnest - upgrades I know we'll make to our existing furniture.  Cue the seating situation for our tulip table.
 When we bought the table, there weren't any chairs I was cuh-razy about, so we just went with simple, easy to use with the crumb-crunchers, and in all likelihood, temporary.

This is our only eating area in the apartment, so the casual vibe has worked well.  In our new house, though, this table will be in our dining room, so I'd like to lose the chrome-legged chairs in lieu of something a little nicer and more comfortable. ...For the times when we actually DO host a dinner party where people might want to linger around the table.

There's so many ways to play the tulip table - it's such a genius design that almost any style of chair can work, and I've rarely spied a combo I thought was just "off." 
That doesn't make my job of selecting new chairs any easier.  Should I go fancy-Louis/upholstered,  simple-but-comfy MCM, lucite (Ben says Hell NO!), playful wishbone,  or colorful cafe? The buttery leather PK9 is the chair of my dreams - and at over five grand a pop, my dreams is exactly where it'll stay. Oh, hurts so GOOD!

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