Werkin' It: A Crisp Living Room

I'm working with a client to style the family's more formal living room.  The home dates to the 1920's, and has great bones.  To help bring in and reflect natural light, they're going with a high-gloss white wall and trim, and want a soft vibe with a hint of modern and texture.
I couldn't dig the look more.
 When they asked me to pull together some furniture ideas, they mentioned wanting a more modern sofa, and maybe something Chinoiserie to recover a pair of vintage cane-back chairs.

My goal was serenity that wasn't boring - hence the textural elements, and some large-and-in-charge fantastic art.

photo by Gray Malin

I'm staring down the last month until Due Date, and a rapidly-approaching pack-out and moving date. Add in a well-functioning air conditioner, and I could DEFINITELY handle this kind of calm scene.