Sheerly Speaking

The other day, Ben said, "I kind of like this look" as he held our government-issued polyester sheer curtain panels.  I have to say, I've never given them a lot of thought.
Other than "ick."
Our place here in Rio has a rockin' view of the Corcovado that seems a shame to obscure, but sometimes the blasting sun requires us to pull the sheers to protect our furniture, and keep from boiling.
When we do, it does have a nice effect on the light.  As if there's a soft filter over our living room.
Kinda glow-ey.

His comment got me thinking about how pure and beautiful sheers can actually be.   I'm thinking gauzy linen or cotton when you need just a hint of obscurity and/or want a more casual feel.
No matter the season, they always feel...breezy.

I could work it in a living room...With light walls for ethereal-ness
 Or dark ones, to keep things from feeling too weighty
  In a bathroom, for privacy with light
 Or instant cocoon-ness around a bed
I think I might be swayed.

A couple of ways to go the sheer route:
Budget via Ikea

 Mid-Range via PB and RH