Closet Confidential

I think one of the reasons women are so


pregnancy by the 9th month is we just become sick of wearing the same (usually non-inspiring) clothes.  I'm completely at the point of looking at any sort of waistband, and wanting to punch it in the face.

But beyond the sads of preggo wear, I'm so ready for a fresh start in the closet department.  I read a blog post the other day (somewhere off the Pinterest galaxy - sorry) about a woman who whittled her closet down to 40 items.  Things she knew she loved, and made her feel great when she wore them.  She donated or tossed everything else.

Why, she figured, should she keep a closet full of clothes she wasn't inspired to wear, and which just added mental clutter when it came to getting dressed?

I SO relate to this predicament!  Sure, I technically have plenty of things to wear, but rarely do I go beyond the same dozen or so items.  So why keep the others?

There's a philosophy out there about buying less, but buying better.  Whether it be items for your casa, or your body.  For me, that means not jumping on the bandwagon when I see a cute dress from Old Navy everyone's raging over - "It was only twenty bucks!!"


case in point


...So that it can hang in my closet looking cute, because on me, it looks like a hospital gown.

With our upcoming move back to the States, it seems like a great opportunity to jump on this thought of clearing out - mentally and physically.  I plan to donate most of my clothes, keeping only what I wear often, and from here on out, buy only what makes me feel (and, hopefully look) great.

Our master closet in the new house has the coated-wire system, so, our situation won't be some kind of


dressing so...

  ...but pics of glam closets are much more fun

 This tiny thing appeals to my inner-organized crazy in the biggest way.


Wallpaper action would be suh-weet.

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Wire shelving notwithstanding, I think there's hope.  Having worked clothing retail in college means I can get my color-organized, folded and sleeved OCD on like nobody's BID-ness.

*If I could just get Ben to follow suit...