Mental Hygiene

Just in case you were wondering, there's no baby news yet.  I'm a week from Due Date today, so the official Kettle Watching has begun.  As I waddle around our neighborhood, I catch glimpses of passersby with that look of 'Wow, you're about to pop - don't do it here, please."  Good times.

Things have been really hectic 'round Casa Portu-Giese.  We've had to attend to some major issues in our US


, and all of it has had both Ben and I mentally drained.  It's times like this when I tend to pull back from things like blogs and (to a lesser degree), Pinterest because I feel like I let them unduly influence my scope of reality.  You could say I'm performing a little mental alignment hygiene.

Summer is a good time to do that.

Pre-baby is a


good time to do that.

I've also been reading

The War of Art

by Steven Pressfield about overcoming inner creative battles.  So often, people who are called to creative endeavors are challenged by severe inner Resistance that keeps them from being their Ultimate Self.  If it sounds hokey to you, you've perhaps been lucky in not experiencing it.  I have it in droves, but instead of just calling it Resistance, I call it my Gremlin.  That nagging inner voice that lives to create self doubt anyway she can.

Anyway, so far, the book is very promising, and I'll share my take when I'm done. 

That's not to say I'm totally forgoing internet eye candy.   How perfect is this



I know.

Stay tuned for Baby G updates...