Skylar Areia

It's not like I'm the MOST consistent blogger, but I have been trying to be more so.  Of course, that really gets put on the rails when you have

a new baby

in the house!

That's right, Baby Girl surprised us last Wednesday (can't believe it's almost been a week, already), and decided she was ready for this world on her due date:  June 19.  Funny how your mind-body works when it's time to have a baby.  The day started off with us attending Avery's Kindergarten graduation, no signs of labor on the horizon.  I even teased her teachers that once the ceremonies were over, the baby was "cleared for take-off," and that's pretty much how it went.  Sometime around mid-afternoon, my contractions began, and that was that.  She was born early evening.

As we had planned, she was born at home.  I'm a huge cheerleader for natural birth, and have always wanted a birth at home.  Here, with an amazing midwife, we delivered her in calm and comfort, without the interference of hospital protocols and interventions.  It was incredible.

Her name is Skylar Areia.  Areia (ah-ray-uh) is Portuguese for sand - a nod to her Cariocan birthplace, and head of blond hair.

Needless to say, we are smitten.