Lost in Translation: the diaper bag edition

Over the course of our five years here in Brazil, there's been countless times where things I tried to convey in my butchered Portuguese became "lost in translation"  At the time, the situations drove me nuts, but in hindsight are comical.

A few weeks before I was due with Skylar, I took my old, leather diaper bag to be reconditioned at a bag 'n shoe shop.  A little background info:  when I had my first kiddo, I purchased

this leather

bag from Storksak.

At the time, the $300+ price tag seemed like a major splurge, but now, six years later, I can say the cost-per-use is practically pennies.  A great "non-diaper" diaper bag, that I highly recommend.

Mine had seen some serious wear, so I took it to the shop thinking to have it reconditioned.  You know, some mink oil or something to blend the water stains, and soften the leather.  At least, that what I thought I was saying.

Bells probably should have gone off in my head when I picked up the Portuguese words for "darker" and "paint." 

A couple of weeks later, I returned to this:

 The nice, leather bag had been....vinylized.   It's like they painted it (poorly) with some kind of liquid plastic substance that's the color of a sewer rat.  The thing even smells like a vinyl sofa circa '75.

I also must mention how the brass hardware was "touched up" with gold paint.

The picture doesn't do it justice.

Translation:  Diaper bag sads.

I think I might just put this one in the donation pile, and call it a day.  So...I'm in the market for a new "diaper" bag.  I tend to go for styles that transcend the baby look, and can function beyond diapees and wipes.  Here's a few I'm considering.


















Do you have a fave go-to that can pull diaper bag duty?