Holiday Home Tour - Our Casa

I've always loved going on Holiday Home Tours. While a typical Home Tour offers a view of what builders and designers are doing with the latest and greatest in home building, a Holiday Home Tour offers a walk through a bit of the magic that is the Holiday Season.  The homes are always resplendent in garland, ribbon and greens, and each is so unique and personal.  I certainly don't decorate our home on that kind of level, but I do try to make our home look, feel, and smell like Christmas. There's no one theme or color palette, it's really just about adding cheer to our surroundings.

Take a peek at how we Holiday our home!

Alison Giese Interiors Holiday Home
Alison Giese Interiors Holiday Home

Simple, fresh greens adorn our front doors.  I love the whiff of evergreens every time I walk in!

Alison Giese Interiors Holiday Home

Our main Christmas tree resides in our Dining Room. The reflection of the lights in the window, and the vintage mirror make it a perfect spot for the tree.

Alison Giese Interiors holiday sleigh bells.jpg
Alison Giese Interiors Holiday vignette 2.jpg

A set of authentic sleigh bells jingle as you enter - a truly magical sound!  Our main Christmas tree is a whimsical take on traditional with plenty of red and green.  Elve's feet and candy references keep it feeling fun for our girls.

Alison Giese Interiors holiday woodland .jpg

A winter woodland theme inside our china cabinet.  Have I ever mentioned I LOVE owls?!

Alison Giese Interiors Holiday Kitchen.jpg

A touch of Christmas in the kitchen.

Christmas goes Carioca in our family room.  Our "blue room" houses several references to our time living in Brazil, so what better place to dedicate a tree to the colorful and carefree attitude of Brazil's Carnaval?  With this tree, anything - but boring - goes!

Alison Giese Interiors holiday blue room.jpg

Thanks for taking a walk through my home with me. Looking forward to seeing all of yours on social media!