Why It Works: Mixing Metals

Alison Giese Interiors

Alison Giese Interiors

One of the first questions clients ask me when it's time to select finishes for a kitchen or bath is whether it's OK to mix metals.  I say, not only is it OK, it's a MUST!  Metal finishes in the form of appliances, cabinet hardware, lighting and tap fixtures are the jewelry of a space, and are a great opportunity to add character to a room that will often be filled with a lot of new elements.  Matching all the metals can leave a space feeling one-dimensional and "showroom-y."  

I always take into account the tone of the overall space, and try to balance the metals against it.  For example, if a client is doing their kitchen in gray tones, I'll suggest brass hardware, a "warm" metal, to counter the "cool" tone that gray can convey.  Likewise, if there are many stainless appliances being selected, I try to mix in other classic metals such as unlacquered brass or polished nickel that bring in balancing tones, and will stand up against the trend test.  In general, I try to stay away from overly trendy finishes that might date a kitchen or bath.  In general, classics I go to are: chrome, polished nickel, unlacquered brass, (a finish that will patina over time), copper, and bronze.

Below are a few of my favorite rooms that nail this timeless look!

Design:  Meg Lonergan  via  Lonny

Design: Meg Lonergan via Lonny