Spring in Northern Virginia

I was thinking the other day about family traditions, as they relate to the Seasons.  Being a native of South Texas, where the seasonal distinction amounts to Summer, and less-Summer-ish, the whole notion of having four, distinct climate intervals was novel when we first moved to Northern Virginia.  The seasons truly are celebrated here, with people partaking of rituals, if you will, to acknowledge the quarterly gifts of Nature.

Many people associate Spring as a time of renewal, often tackling areas around the house that could use some "sprucing" up, or maybe as an opportunity to make good on that vow to de-clutter.  We were recently featured in an article on Houzz about the To-Do's for your "May Home."  Let's just say I have several items to check off the list!

Getting back to our home, it dawned on me, that we really don't have "that thing" we always do to welcome Spring. I don't roll up rugs, or substitute lighter bed linens for heavier ones, or even switch out throw pillows on the sofa.  Maybe that's more of a commentary on where we are in the craziness of Life, but the shift seems more subtle, more attitudinal.  After a drawn-out Winter, it feels like Spring is the palate cleanser.

Our home projects move towards the landscape, as we crave more time outdoors. This year, we got a head start on our little box garden, and have been enjoying all the fresh greens.  I hope I'm able to pass along my excitement for growing things to our girls, and that it becomes something we look forward to doing together at this time of the year. 


Our mood lightens, as do our menus. We switch from heavier, heartier meals to items we can cook and enjoy al fresco, which is just a fancier way of saying we eat outside, while kids take drive-by bites in between cartwheels and dance-offs!  

The saying goes, Hope springs eternal, and my wish each Spring is to slow down, take more in, be more present in the moment, and maybe switch to white wine!