Decorating with Character

A big part of the design journey for me has been learning what it is that the AGI team brings to the client that is unique.  What are the important design beliefs that best represent why clients seek out our work, and how can we be better at providing that uniqueness.  It's an ongoing process, by the way, as we experience working with more clients, and find out what works best in the designs.

One sort of ethos is the desire to incorporate into all our designs items that have character  - something that is treasured, worn, or weathered, or somehow has a story.   It doesn't necessarily need to be antique or vintage, although those kind of authentic pieces are often the best for the purpose.  The item just needs to not look like it walked off a pristine showroom floor - unless of course, that showroom specializes in oldy-but-goodey things!

Vintage china cabinet

We as humans are imperfect, and I believe we are inherently more comfortable in a space that not only functions well, but that reflects our human-ness.  A piece of hand-thrown pottery that's slightly off-kilter, or the chair who's wood frame displays the gentle wear of time.  Sourcing items with inexact aspects creates a serenity to the design because the pieces don't command perfection.  

Our work is often described as eclectic - a sometimes unexpected mix of styles and provenance who's goal is intentional: to let the space say, "Hello, join us, and tell us your story."

Spurs as decor
Vintage leopard chair