The Importance of Implementation

I was thinking recently about how the AGI team can better serve our clients' experience with the design process.  We take our work very seriously, but also understand it's a luxury to hire a designer, therefore we want the experience to be a special one!

Although we have a set process, each client is unique, and depending on personality, they might enjoy one part of the process over another.  As a project is wrapping up, and everyone is able to see the fruits of the design, it's important that we are able to cross every T, and dot every I so that the full vision of the design is carried through.  The implementation part of the process is crucial to the client seeing the project come full circle, and to understand why items were selected, and how they contribute to the overall feel of the space.

Pillows and accessories are part of the final implementation.    Photo:  Robert Radifera     Styling:  Charlotte Safavi

Pillows and accessories are part of the final implementation.  

Photo: Robert Radifera    Styling: Charlotte Safavi


It's easy for clients to be so excited when the project is nearly done, that they just want to get back to living in their space, but if we aren't able to fully implement the design:  placing curated accessories and styling the space, the client may be left feeling they didn't get the complete experience.  It's akin to commissioning an artist for a painting, then receiving it without the final brush strokes - it's lovely, but just not complete.

We put great thought into the end pieces of the design puzzle - imagining the space in its final iteration, with carefully selected items we've collected over time with just that project and client in mind.  It's our way of providing not merely a decorated space, but a highly-personalized designed home.

Photo:  Robert Radifera   Styling;   Charlotte Safavi

Photo: Robert Radifera  Styling;  Charlotte Safavi