A Labor of Love

A few weeks ago, I posted about the beginning of the process of converting our former dining room into a sunroom.  The addition of a new window made it a space we literally want to stay in and soak up the sun.  It also made it patently clear I needed to get on the ball with a design plan. The sunroom now exists with a hodgepodge of furniture pieces that alone are ok to work with, but don't work together. We were just eager to establish a conversation area in the room.  

The acrylic coffee table is too small, and just disappears, which isn't the design goal in this case.  I mentioned to my husband how cool it would be to have a coffee table similar to one his parent's had in their home in the past.  The table I was referring to was one his Dad made years ago from small wood pieces placed in a frame structure, then set on a metal frame.  It's a really cool piece!

The original table

The original table


Needless to say, my crafty hubster took it up as a challenge, and decided to make a similar table for our sunroom!  He built a frame, and ordered scraps of exotic woods that he cut down to fit the depth of the frame.  (I can't believe I didn't save my work-in-progress pics from Instastories! Arrgghh!)

The process of fitting the wood pieces just right into the frame reminded me a bit of playing Tetris (I'm dating my 80s childhood!).


We still need to have a metal base made, but the table is already making such a strong statement in our in-progress sunroom.  I can't wait to style it up properly with books, and meaningful items. I feel like it will be an heirloom piece, just like the one his Dad made.  In the meantime, it's a great backdrop for food shots!