Wellness in the Home

Whenever we prepare to install a project, we always plan for those finishing touches that not only make the design come to life, but that complete the environment - the atmosphere we’re trying to convey. In my mind, we’re not only creating beautiful and purposeful spaces, we’re setting the stage for our clients to feel their very best in their home. We want clients to come into a space that feels calm, fresh and welcoming. I’m a firm believer that you are how your home feels. If your home functions efficiently, and is clean and spacious, you feel more calm and relaxed.

We partnered recently with Renoo.life, a company committed to helping create living spaces that positively affect our inner space - a wonderful concept when presenting clients with their home in its fully designed state.

Alison Giese Interiors for Renoo.jpg

To help create an overall ambiance, we used products from Renoo to impact all the senses in a positive way. We lit their BREATHE candle - a clean, fresh scent, and turned on mellow music. We also layered their dark blue chalcedony crystal, which is believed to promote communication, openness and sharing.

Alison Giese Interiors for Renoo.jpg

For times of reflection, or when an extra dose of calm is called for, we placed an organic, lavender eye pillow, and a gratitude journal within easy reach.

Renoo journal.jpg

Our clients were so amazed, and commented how the whole environment of the home was considered, and how these touches completed the thoughtful design. In order to pass along the good vibes to your home, Renoo is offering our readers a 10% discount. Check out their site, and enter Promo Code: renoo_X_alison to claim your discount, and enjoy creating space within!

Products were provided by Renoo.

Photos by: Elyse Cosgrove