The Importance of Styling to Interior Design

We recently wrapped a few large projects, and part of our final work before revealing the space to our clients is the styling. Styling is the process of bringing in the last layer of the design. The art, accessories, books, blankets, etc that make a space fill complete and cozy. If the process of interior design is like a play, then the styling is the final act. If you consider it that way, you can see how a home would feel incomplete, and maybe even a little sterile, without that finishing layer.

Giving our clients the complete experience of full service design is critical, so we educate them on what to expect in terms of the expense and process for styling, as the items are in addition to the interior design fees. Sometimes, clients prefer to provide a Styling Budget, and we work within that framework, other times, we bring in what we think is needed to complete the design, and clients “shop” to purchase their favorite pieces. Whenever we can, we use items that are meaningful to our clients, so the space immediately feels like “home.”

Alison Giese Interiors Interior Styling
Alison Giese Interiors Interior Styling

I’m a big believer that all spaces benefit from a living element, so we almost always bring in live plants or greenery. It’s amazing how much a big plant can change the dynamic in a room! We mix vintage items we’ve collected, as well as newer pieces to develop a character that feels like it’s been curated over time. In my opinion, the best styling feels layered, but not cluttered, so there’s room for clients to continue to work in things they love. When our clients come into the space for the “reveal,” they experience the design with all senses, and truly are welcomed home.

Interior Styling Alison Giese Interiors

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