Style Determination and #AGISoulfulStyle

I think most designers would agree with me when I say we strive for the day when clients decide to work with us because of the specific aesthetic we bring to a project.  A good designer should be able to work within a large style range, but it feels like an important level when someone seeks us out because they recognize, and want their homes to reflect our "look."  

Getting a handle on a "signature style" is tough for me, because I love SO many different design styles.  There's always an underlying current, though, in what I love.  It's that nuanced tone I try to represent in my own home, as well as clients'.  For me, it's less about one individual design element, and more about creating an atmosphere - a space that feels beautiful, yet approachable, and layered with art, accessories, books, etc that are meaningful.  In our house, things like a vintage sofa I found at the Habitat store, Chippendale chairs we inherited, and art we've bought throughout our travels provide that layer of character and warmth.  We're also plant people, and love bringing oversized tropicals into our spaces.  All these perfectly-imperfect elements come together to create atmosphere, and I can't imagine our home telling our story without them. 

Awhile back, a friend kindly described my design style as "soulful."  It really resonated with me, and felt like a gift: the perfect word to encapsulate a style that is both real and intangible.  Over time, my awareness of what Soulful Style is has sharpened.  I love seeing it, and being inspired by others who share that intention to create soulful spaces.  

Soulful is the perfect word to encapsulate a style that is both real and intangible.

Because the design and design-loving community is so strong on Instagram, it's where I spy a ton of inspiring snaps.  I started hashtagging my own images that reflect this easy, warm vibe, and welcome you to share your soulful images, too, using #AGIsoulfulstyle. 

A few I've been inspired by lately...

An eclectic mix of furniture, statement art, and a nonchalant elegance by Alison Kist Interiors

Textured walls, and a casually-propped hat and old photo are like a big, soulful hug. By Abigail La Branche.

A collection of vintage olive jars add rustic charm to a more polished chest.  The black cane chair and palm are superb together, and instantly create atmosphere. By Ashlyn Goldberg.

An impromptu arrangement of yard clippings are a stunning centerpiece - a simple style endeavor that brings incredible joy.  By Becki Griffins.


If you see a space that you think has a soulful vibe, tag #AGISoulfulStyle and follow along to see what others share!