How Law School Taught Me to Be a Better Designer

There's no denying that I'm a bit of a late bloomer when it comes to listening to my passion for Interior Design.  I've worn several hats along this career journey, one of them as law school graduate.  In moments when I feel behind the curve, I wonder where I'd be in this business, had I gone to design school, instead of law school.  However, I wouldn't trade the value of the experiences and friendships (not to mention knowledge) I gained from making the decision I did.  My journey allows me to bring a unique perspective to my clients.  In fact, the longer I work as an independent designer, the more I've come to see just how much law school prepared me to be a better designer!


Preparing and presenting a design is a lot like putting together a case.  Instead of facts and law elements, I rely on the mandates of form, function and style.  Clients hire us because they don't have the skill or time to put together a cohesive plan for their home, and sometimes, the design isn't what the client necessarily expected, and I have to "make a case" for it.  Our presentations are like brief.  I explain: why it works, and why we feel it's the best plan for the space.  Some projects feel like a little civil dispute, while others are akin to a Supreme Court case! 


In the end, our clients are jury and judge.  I have to use my best courtroom skills to advocate for the design, to face the detractors of uncertainty, and to shine a light on the truth of the case: a beautifully and well-informed design.