Favorite Styling Elements: Beads

Living in Brazil had such an impact on how I view design, and little things I picked up on continue to guide me in my design journey.  Shopping at artisan markets, we frequently came across different types of beads for sale: coconut beads, acai berry beads, wooden beads, etc. I often picked up a strand or two, and added it to my collection that I kept in bowls on our coffee table and bookshelves.

Acai beads by Alison Giese Interiors

Fast-forward a few years, and I'm still using beads as a go-to styling element, and I've found a great source in The Bead Chest.  I use beads to add depth, texture, and color when styling our designs.  From frosted glass beads reminiscent of sea glass, to earthy-colored bone, wood and stone, I've been delighted to find any type I need to create a styling "mood."  

The Bead Chest has been kind enough to offer a promo code for a 15% discount to AGI followers.  Pick out your favorites from their site, and enter: ALISON15 at checkout. Be sure to post pics in your social media channels, and tag me, so I can see how you're styling them up!


*This is a sponsored post by The Bead Chest. All opinions are my own.