Roundtop Tips & Recommendations

Twice a year, it seems the world converges onto the tiny town of Roundtop, Texas, for Texas Antiques Week. When I was in college, and we made our shopping treks to Roundtop, it was big, but now days, well, it’s viral. There’s so much to see, you really need 2-3 days to make a dent . The range of wares spans from high antiques to knick-knacks, and everything in between. There’s something for everyone, but it CAN feel overwhelming. So, I thought I’d offer up the hot spots we always hit, while always looking for what’s new.

The Antique Show is comprised of multiple venues - open fields with tent booths, and more permanent structures with thousands of vendors selling unique wares. The map below gives you a sense of the scale - keeping in mind it spans an 11-mile stretch - the map is a year or two old, and if anything has changed, it’s only that it’s gotten bigger!

Map via

Some of our favorite stops and spots - seen on the map - include:

- The Arbors - A nice collection of art, artisans, global wares, rugs, etc.

- Market Hill - Rustic and antique furniture, lights, accessories.

- Marburger Farm - Entry fees charged at this venue. - Collectible antiques stylistically presented.

- The Compound - A fantastic collection of varied vendors in a fantastic indoor-outdoor market setting.

- Old Glory - The Texas venue of the Colorado-based provincial and rustic antiques shop. Eye Candy!

This is just a few must-stops, but there’s SO much more! If you’re a first-timer, try to go with a “veteran,” who can steer you to what you’re most interested in. The weather is usually unpredictable. Wear layers you can add or subtract as the temperature changes, and VERY comfortable shoes. Be prepared for rain and mud at the Spring show, blazing sun at the Fall. Be sure to make pit stops for margaritas and kettle corn, and most of all have a blast!

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