Designing a Stress-Free Thanksgiving

Designing a Stress-Free Thanksgiving

I readily admit Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  I love that it's all about family and food, and just getting together to be thankful for our many blessings.  It seems to be a lull between the frenzy of finding just the right costume for Halloween, and searching for the perfect Christmas gifts...

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I Bit the Bullet

Go ahead, call me a follower, but I wasn't about to let the chance to snag a Stark Fauna aka "antelope" rug pass me by this week, when they were featured on OKL
We've all seen 'em, some of us love 'em, and some of us have husbands who travel all the time, leaving us sad and idle, and wanting to fulfill our souls with something.  And rugs can do that.  Sometimes.

All boo-hooing aside, I bought a runner.  They're ALL good, but I think this pattern in a runner is particularly effective.  So does Sally Wheat.  See? (and she's a boss)

...examples of more goodness
(this one's actually Karastan, but whatev's, you get the idea)  image source
Oh, if I ever have a little boy's nursery of my own....

So, in summary:  Antelope Rugs: Good.  
Dressing like an antelope:  Questionable
Happy Weekend, Folks!

Have your Hide

Following-up on yesterday's post which featured this room, and its out-of-this-world awesome, Moorish-patterned hide rug...

Source: via Alison on Pinterest

A little bird (thanks, Anita!) clued me into the work of Kyle Bunting. Based out of Austin, Texas (which, by default makes him rockin' to me), this designer takes hides, laser-cuts them to perfection, and voila - turns out show-stopping takes on the traditional hide rug. Can you say quatrefoil, greek key, and chevron in hide? Yeah, I know.
By the time I went through all the patterns, there was a puddle of drool on my keyboard. I think the genius is quite obvious.
I'm partial to the nuances of color and texture in the neutral styles....
Kyle Bunting Rugs copy

...but imagine I could be easily persuaded to work a bolder pattern into my own home.
Kyle Bunting Rugs 2 copy

Do we even want to know the price points? Probs not...but I've got an inquiry placed anyway. ;)